Walk-in closet.

SINCE 1993

I started woodworking full time in 1993 after 5 years part time during and after high school. Now trading as Crossgrain Furniture I spend a lot of time executing commissions from clients while also committing some effort to stock production. The inherent flexibility of a small venture allows for customization in production.  Taking pride in the work I enjoy and employing reliable and proven construction techniques ensures good quality which equates to value for money to my clients. It is also a matter of importance to follow up on any complaints with good after sales service. Although being a one-person business means longer production times, many happy clients has found it to be worth the wait.


Other than executing orders received from clients, stock items manufactured as single pieces, limited editions or batch produced items are sold directly to clients through word of mouth referrals and at craft markets and fairs. Announcements of locations and dates of craft fair (attendance) is made on my Crossgrain Furniture Facebook page.

Person swiping card
Rhodesian Teak writing desk


Making furniture has always been my favorite avenue of wood work. Customized pieces are frequently made to meet client’s preferences regarding size, design, configuration and materials. Combining good design, attention to detail, reliable construction techniques and craftsmanship results in furniture pieces which is a pleasure to use and will last a life time.


With a furniture making background built-in cupboards in dressing rooms, bedrooms, offices, entrance halls etc. can more effectively be customized to suit customer’s needs.

Bathroom cabinet in African Mahogany with two doors and four drawers. #0415
Kiaat kitchen cabinet with butler sink and granite top


My love for wood and willingness to deliver on customer’s specific requirements resulted in several solid wood kitchens of note. Kitchens with lacquered cabinets, melamine cabinets and combinations of materials are also installed. Kitchens are designed to utilize each kitchen’s space optimally and maximize storage space.


Decorative mouldings, skirting boards, dado rails and so forth is occasionally manufactured. Wall paneling to hide unsightly walls or safes and door linings calls for purpose made woodwork. Entrance doors and internal doors for non-standard openings is also an ideal situation to make use of my service.

Fishing tackle boxes made from Birch Plywood.


A variety of miscellaneous items ranging from door stops to gear lever knobs, from trays to carving blanks are either individually made on commission or batch produced to build up sales stock. 


Restoration and repairs is undertaken occasionally. It is a privilege to give new life to an antique by restoring it to a beautiful sturdy furniture piece again. Extending its life of service for a future generation honors the labor and craftsmanship of old cabinetmakers. Sometimes repairs to contemporary furniture and cabinets which calls for more than the quick DIY fix are also carried out.

Restored 19th century baby chair.
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